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DOT Pipeline Identification Tape

Heavy-Duty Pipeline Identification Tape

Product Overview

The DOT-heavy-duty Pipeline Identification Tape is exactly as its name suggests, heavy-duty, long-lasting tape, which is designed and manufactured to endure arduous conditions. The industry was calling out for a product, which could not only stand up to the extreme weather conditions of the North Sea, but also have a temperature performance capable of performing in diverse climatic variations worldwide.
The outdoor heavy-duty Pipeline Identification Tape has been accepted into the industry as clients found the existing products available i.e. PVC tapes and tape machines, were unable to compete with the performance and life expectancy of this product. The product is factory made to order and can be supplied in various formats. The format takes into account two very important factors, safety and installation.


The format has continuous arrows and reverse wording and British Standard or RALcolouring. This enables the Pipeline Identification Tape to be seen and read from whatever direction you look at the pipe work. For overseas projects this also has proved successful, as we are able to print dual languages on the same heavy-duty tape.


The other advantage of having continuous arrows and wording is the time and labour saved on installation time. This is achieved by not having to line up the directional arrows and wording, and having to cut the tape at a certain length to not overlap and distort the existing wording. With our heavy-duty Pipeline Identification Tape manufactured with the wording, arrows, colours and backing sheet all on one roll, these problems do not occur, and installation is fast, precise, clear and above all, safe.


The DOT-heavy-duty Pipeline Identification Tape has considerable advantages over other forms of marking process pipe work. Detailed below are some of the benefits that can be achieved by using the product.

Low Chloride Level’s - from experience we found that this is a very important issue and a huge benefit to you the client. The product does not affect stainless steel, causing no corrosion etc, and it can be applied directly onto the pipe work, which means that the product is flat to the surface and there will be no build up of salt or dirt under the identification tape. In the long term this means that the maintenance of this product is minimal when compared to a banded or snap on product.

Backing Sheet - ideal when applying to narrow pipe work, this saves time on installation as the product can be slid in between the pipes without adhering, so can be cut to the required length and then applied simply and quickly.

Temperature Performance - minus 40°C to +150°C (minus 40° to +300°F) so works well in either extreme cold or hot environments.

Dual Language - the product can be supplied in any language or a mixture of two languages, which is ideal for locations where English is not the first spoken language.

Water, Chemical and Humidity Resistant - tape not affected by Oil, Petroleum, Detergent / Water, Sulphuric Acid, Bleach / Water, Washer Solution and Ethylene Glyco / Water.

High Strength Acrylic Adhesive - provides permanence, high adhesion to metals, plastics and painted surfaces, excellent long-term ageing and resists flagging and edge-lifting on flat or curved smooth surfaces.

General Purpose Pipeline Identification Tape

Please contact us for further information on the range of general purpose tape available.

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